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Bachelor degree courses

Bachelor degree courses
Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

University degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Give your career a boost - with an internationally recognised degree of the FOM German-Sino School of Business & Technology! The FOM's first engineering cooperation programme is a milestone in the university's involvement with China.
During your German engineering university education you will be studying in Shenyang/China as well as in Essen/Germany. Your chances on the international labour markets will increase due to a double bachelor's degree.
The FOM study concept "3+1" comprises of eight semesters. You will complete your basic studies at the University of Shenyang in Shenyang/China. In the first year of studies the lectures will be held entirely by Chinese professors, in the second and third year of studies the lectures will be held by professors of the University of Shenyang as well as by professors of the FOM.

Career boost with the double bachelor's degree

The fourth year of the cooperation study programme will be held at the FOM University in Essen. There the lectures and seminars will be held in English by professors of the FOM. Proof that you have the required English language level will be provided by a test, for example IELTS (5.5 points) or TOEFEL (80 points). At the same time you will acquire the important skills to successfully apply for work internationally. In addition, you will work on your bachelor thesis in Essen.
Profit from the University's involvement with China, and boost your career with the double bachelor's degree. In addition, increase your chances by pursuing a master program at the FOM.

You will complete your bechelor studies in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology with the academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.).

Where do you want to study?

Please note that the start of the semester and lecture times may vary depending on study centre.

Details about study programme

University degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Semester start: September of each year
Scope of performance: 180 ECTS credits
Accreditation: FIBAA

Prerequisites for admission

The participants will be admitted by the Chinese universities to the cooperation study programme through the Chinese Gaokao (university entrance exam).

Lecture times

Start im Wintersemester
Start im Wintersemester
Shenyang, China | Taian, China
Weekdays 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Subject to changes: Lecture Times will remain the same throughout your study programme.
Semester breaks: August and second half of February
Study content / plan

Tuition fees

total cost: The tuition fee is based on the enrolment fee and FOM's regular tuition fees, plus the fees of the cooperation university. For more information, please contact our Student Advisory Service.


By the beginning of 2012, of the 451 higher education institutes in Germany, 3 state-approved higher education institutes and the FOM as the first private university were system-accredited by FIBBA. This certification mark of one of the world's most significant agencies for the evaluation of higher education institutes proves that FOM's quality management meets the highest international standards. Svenja Schulze, the Minister of Economics of North-Rhine-Westphalia said: “I congratulate the FOM on this success. The FOM now belongs to the best private universities in the country.” This course of studies is also accredited.

Contact person

Lin Liu
Lin Liu
Director German-Sino School of Business & Technology
+49 201 81004-418
Axel Müller
Prof. Dr.
Axel Müller
Director of Studies BBA Essen
+49 201 81004 327