Chinese junior executives

FOM establishes contacts between companies and suitable internship candidates or permanent recruits for employment in Germany, China and for international projects. FOM students have a knowledge of German, Chinese and English, are familiar with the Chinese culture and can work confidently in a German environment.

Chinese interns for your company in Germany

During their study period in Germany, Bachelor and Master students may complete a part-time or full-time internship. We are consequently looking for companies that are interested in offering Chinese students an insight into the German business environment for a period of 1?5 months or assigning them a project.

This offers you as an entrepreneur an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Chinese economic market and find out whether the student might be able to introduce new ideas to your business as a member of staff. To be able to recruit the best students for your business, you can also offer a scholarship to finance the student's study visit to Germany.

MA students can also write their Master thesis as part of an internship in a company. During their stay in Germany, Bachelor students are available to complete an internship from January to May.

MA students can complete an internship between June and September before they start their Master degree. They can also complete an internship during their course from July to December in the following year.

Inspiration from students with intercultural experience

FOM University of Applied Sciences focuses on practical relevance in order to promote the employability of its students and not just provide academic training. Numerous practical projects have already been carried out or continue to be implemented. Excursions and work tours offer students a welcome opportunity to experience the business world in real life, as it were. Companies like to take advantage of such opportunities to introduce themselves as potential employers, and meetings can be arranged at any time.

Students at DB Schenker AG and Chinese FOM students

The cooperation with well-known companies also includes projects in which students join forces to develop possible solutions in the form of case studies. For example, for many years, students of DB Schenker AG and young Chinese students have been brought together to pool their specialist knowledge of International Management or Strategic Management.

Company tours

Chinese students at FOM both in Germany and in China are interested in company tours. Take advantage of a company tour to get to know potential young executives.

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