Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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1. Semester

Controlling & Financing

  • Controlling in an international environment
  • Financing and financing strategies (e.g. export and project financing)
  • Overview of the Financial institutions (lessors, insurers, financiers)
  • Risks in international industrial plant construction
  • Risk management and controlling

Technical Systems & Digitalization

  • Overview of the field of modelling and simulation of technical systems
  • Development of simulation models of technical systems with the help of physical principles and differential equations
  • Model reduction and Validation of models
  • Presentation of methodical and technical tooling Aspects (practical exercises with Matlab/Simulink etc.)
  • Digitisation and Society
    • data protection
    • freedom of information
    • Creation of personality profiles
    • Right to forget etc.
  • Digitisation and economy
    • Special features of digital goods (Internet of Things, network effects, Big Data)
    • Rights of disposal and ongoing structural change (Industry 4.0, Sharing economy, crowdworker, work 4.0)
    • Effects of digitization competition policy, the
      promotion of innovation and the consumer protection

Research Methods

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Quantitative data analysis (applications with R, statistical test procedures, multivariate procedures)

Decision focused Management

  • Classical Decision Theory
  • Management decisions from a psychological point of view
  • Decisions in the strategy context

International Commercial & Contract Law

  • World trade and globalisation
  • Basics of national and international business law
  • National and European law
  • International law as Basis of international commercial law
  • International private law
  • contract law
  • Selected contractual and rights of indebtedness
  • International Civil Procedure Law and Institutions
  • Significance of Compliance
  • Compliance Organization
  • Compliance as an integrated part business and personnel processes

English for Technical Management

  • Grammar review
  • Language skill development
  • Selected negotiation and contract vocabulary
  • Business communication

2. Semester

Technology Management

  • Corporate and technology strategy
  • Technology management and concepts
  • Product development and methods
  • Process development and models
  • Project and risk management
  • Innovation and R&D Controlling
  • International Sales Management & Marketing
  • Product-Liftcycle-Management

Transfer Project

  • Consolidation of a subject module of the first two semesters
  • Reflection on one's own transfer competence
  • Application of specific methods
  • Transfer of scientific content into professional practice
  • Evaluation of the own teaching-learning process

International Project- & Claimmanagement

  • Fundamentals of international management
  • Basics of international project management
  • Project controlling in an international environment
  • Risk management in an international environment
  • Stakeholder management in an international environment
  • contractor management
  • supporters Project management techniques in an international environment
  • Intercultural cooperation and leadership
    • Leadership and decision making
    • team development
    • Communication models and information
    • conflict management
  • Deployment and development of international project managers
  • Claim Management and Claim Strategies
  • Negotiation concepts (Harvard concept and others) and strategies
  • Ethics and Compliance in
    International Project Management

3. Semester

Technology & Sustainability
  • Sustainability - Basics
  • The roles of different actors in sustainable development
  • Sustainability assessment of products, Services and processes
  • Technology and technology transfer as Instrument of sustainable development
  • Technology- or Technology assessment
  • Sustainability relevant fields of technology

Bachelor Thesis und Kolloquium

Master of Science (M.Sc.)
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